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After decades of rest, the great hall of St. Peter & Paul has been lovingly restored with careful attention. Built in 1861, every pane of stained glass is infused with history and every brick with stories of days past.

Events & Weddings

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Group dinner at Hotel Peter and Paul Church
Tenets & Truisms

Tenets & Truisms

We would be honored and blessed to host your event or wedding here at the historic Sts. Peter and Paul Church in the colorful and quiet Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans.

Please read below for the tenets and truisms that we request you abide by when hosting with us.

  • To preserve its historic beauty, please don’t tack or affix anything to the walls, ceilings, or columns of the Church.

    We have 95 mahogany Chiavari chairs, ten 60" rounds, twelve 36" cocktail tables, mounted speakers and a microphone that are free to use.

    Our 150+ year old stained glass windows are stunning, yet fragile. Noise above 85 decibels in the church is prohibited - but we promise a party atmosphere is still easily achievable. 

    The bell towers and choir loft spaces are not accessible to event organizers or attendees for any reason.

    We do not allow confetti, glitter, sparklers, or noisemakers in the Church or outside.

    Candles are a welcome addition to any celebration, and all candles must be encased in glass.

    Events must end at 10:00pm and wedding guests are not permitted to congregate outside of the Church or the Rectory for the sake of our neighbors, who might be sleeping soundly. 

  • Street parking is not permitted for event attendees. For weddings with 10 or more drive-in guests, a parking solution is needed. Groups must arrange for parking with a representative of the hotel and we strongly encourage use of either a Lyft or rideshare code. Alternatively, the hotel may contract the nearby Doerr Furniture Parking lot for a single night use by your guests.

    All vendors are required to provide proof of insurance. Also, all events must provide event insurance listing “Peter and Paul LLC” and “Peter and Paul MT” as additionally insured. 

    Vendors must vacate the premises during the wedding. We do not allow for vendor parking during the event.

  • Due to its intimate service style, The Elysian Bar cannot accommodate parties larger than 6 and is unable to cater to wedding guests gathering before and after your ceremony. For this reason, we require that an off-site after-party plan is in place so that The Elysian Bar is not overwhelmed with large crowds.

    To fully enjoy The Elysian Bar's dining and drink service throughout you and your guests' stay, we highly recommend making reservations in advance.

    • All food and beverage must be organized via the hotel and Bacchanal Catering. We’re happy to connect you with them for any catering needs. 

    • We don't permit elaborate decorations and lighting in the piazza for the cocktail hour other than moveable furniture and a tent in case of inclement weather. Tenting the piazza must be arranged through a third party vendor after approval by the hotel.

  • In order to use the 3rd Floor Stage Lounge for gathering, the space must be rented in advance. Gatherings of more than 6 people are not permitted in the 3rd Floor Stage Lounge at any time without prior arrangement. After-parties in the stage lounge are never allowed and will result in forfeiting your security deposit. Quiet hours after 10:00pm are strictly enforced. If you are renting the 3rd Floor Stage Lounge for your gathering, the adjacent guest rooms must also be rented by you or your guests.

  • We allow complimentary group blocks of up to 10 rooms. If more than 10 rooms are desired, the entire block must be guaranteed. The schoolhouse offers the majority of the property's hotel rooms including classic offerings that are suited for a wide range of wedding guests. Alternatively, like the classrooms and congregations before us, Hotel Peter & Paul has several room clusters that were designed with community and camaraderie in mind. There are five rooms above the rectory parlors with plush and romantic finishings, and seven rooms meant for contemplation and respite in the convent. All are available to rent and host your friends & family during your wedding weekend.

  • Second lines are allowed! We request that the route be approved by the hotel as we are dedicated to the comfort of our neighbors. 

  • We do not provide day-of coordination. We require that you hire, at minimum, a month of planner to help with your celebration and can recommend the best in town to ensure your day is special and free of stress.

  • To ensure that the experience of our guests is always held to the highest of standards, all photoshoots must be pre-approved by hotel management. Any photography solely taking place inside of a reserved guest room is gratuitous. 

    If you are getting married here or are hosting a private event, we permit you to take photography throughout the property, pending prior approval of the time and locations of the photoshoot. We require a shot list and schedule of shooting one week prior to the shoot date. 

    No photoshoots are permitted in the Rectory or The Elysian Bar spaces, including the courtyard, parlors, bar, and café.

Contact Us

Interested in hosting a gathering at Peter & Paul? Drop us a line for more information. Interested in booking a room block? Tell us more here.